Facial Ayurvedic treatments

Facial Ayurvedic treatments

The face speaks for itself, it is a medium that presents and characterizes a person. Its brightness and color tell of their physical and psychological health. This is why you need to take care of your facial skin consistently, by having targeted beauty treatments. In this case, it comes to help the Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic Treatment for the balance of the doshas

According to ‘Ayurveda, the head and face are the locations of all five of our sense organs, which, if they are of non proper use, cause an imbalance of the doshas. It is, therefore, of paramount importance to restore their balance with a particular Ayurvedic treatment that aims to nourish and cleanse the organs of sense. In this case, the Ayurvedic treatment will be even more effective because it acts in depth and works on the three levels of mind, body and spirit.
Currently, the Centro Montesi beauty centre is an authorized dealer of Maharishi Ayurveda products.


(50 minuti)

Nourishment, firmness and elasticity are the objectives of this Ayurvedic treatment that aims to tone the muscle tissue through a 40-minute facial massage with 3 stage manual Ayurvedic massage.
The products used are based with purifying herbs that open the skin pores, to allow proper absorption of nutrients in the skin tissue, which has been weakened by excess vata. The special formulations help balance the three doshas, working deep down and give a renewed firmness.


(60 minutes)

This Ayurvedic treatment has a very specific purpose: to balance the doshas through the purification of blocked channels.
After cleansing and oiling the facial skin, it proceeds to a steam bath based on medicinal herbs, with an antiseptic and antibacterial action, to promote the expulsion of toxins. In a second phase, it runs a facial massage with Ayurvedic techniques. Finally, the Ayurvedic treatment ends with a poultice of specific herbs, depending on the prevalence of Pitta, Vata and Kapha energy in the client.
Treatment with the poultice, thanks to its microelement content, will lead to the purification of the blood, causing the majority of blemishes, absorb toxins, bringing them to the surface and will return minerals that rebalance the skin. This Ayurvedic treatment is not matched to facial cleansing.


(50 minuti)

An excess of Pitta causes hypersensitivity and reactivity of the skin. The result is a skin that needs purifying, with a twofold objective: restore radiance and firmness and restore normal physiological functions.
In this case, the treatment includes a 40-minute facial massage with 3 manual Ayurvedic massage. The products used are formulated to treat combination skin or impurities. The skin is immediately regenerated.


According to Maharishi Ayurveda, the sense organs are key channels of communication, for this reason, it is necessary to keep them healthy through practices designed to restore their balance. As for the ears, the Ayurvedic treatment consists of the insertion of wax cones, lit by a flame. The heat sucks and draws out the ear wax.
This practice is effective not only to improve hearing, but also to reduce the tension of the muscles of the neck, face and jaw, to alleviate the headache and calm the mind.