Body treatments

As well as the face, the body also needs to be taken care of. Our body treatments are targeted to the psycho-physical well-being of the client and are practiced in the form of massage, the oldest form of therapy. Massage is useful to relax the muscles, relieve pain and give lasting relief to the mind and body.
Currently, massage is used in alternative medicine and in aesthetic body treatments. Our professional masseurs run through the treatment with precise and sequential massage in the direction of the muscle fibres and blood circulation through the veins. Sometimes, we use creams or oils.

THE BODY TREATMENTS AT The Centro Montesi beauty centre

At the Centro Montesi beauty centre we perform both manual massage and another massage with the use of radio frequency, for a more targeted effect. The treatment programs are customised according to the needs of the client and to their skin characteristics, in order to obtain a lasting and effective result. In every case, listening to the needs of the client is our major priority.


(Duration: 50 minutes)

One of the most important body treatments in the field of beauty care is the circulatory massage, because it stimulates the blood lymphatic circulation: and this is able to slow down the aging process .
This type of massage counteracts water retention and makes the skin softer, it is also good for the immune system and for the elimination of toxins. It also has a toning and firming effect, because it is able to reactivate the muscles that have lost elasticity .
This treatment is particularly suitable to stimulate  movement of the intestine  or have a sedative effect on the digestive system , this deep massage works the entire body and produces visible effects on the overall toning of the body


(Duration: 50 minutes)

To remove toxins and activate the lymphatic system, it is ideal to undergo this targeted body treatment. The lymphatic massage is made in particular directions, which help to drain fluids and remove toxins  from .
the body, once the excess fluid is removed, the body can better perform its functions and regain its general welfare . This treatment is also useful in the prevention and treatment of some imperfections connected to cellulite and water retention. The lymphatic massage is a great way to relieve stress, because it relaxes the muscles.


(Duration: 75 minutes)

Elasticity, skin smoothness and feeling of well being: after trying this relaxing massage you will immediately perceive its benefits. With a medium-light pressure and the use of a warm aromatic oil, which will unleash its intense notes. After the treatment you will feel immediately a state of deep relaxation and a harmony of mind and body.
This massage is particularly suitable in the case of physical and mental fatigue, anxiety and worries, it is a valuable tool to restore wellness and balance on an emotional level , it also has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, thanks to its stimulating massage action.


(Duration: 45 minutes)

Foot reflexology is one of the most complete body treatments: it is a technique that focuses on the feet as the feet are connected and act on all other body organs. This is possible because reflexology considers the foot like a miniature representation of the human body.
It is a type of treatment that falls within the natural medicine, for it does not have any side effects, and no contraindications. The stimulation of the foot induces deep relaxation through the finger pressure on the reflex points. Pleasant and well-tolerated, it prevents and improves physical and emotional disorders.


(Duration: 45 minutes)

In everyday life, the back muscles are subject to stress that can determine its stiffness, especially in the lower back and neck area. Tension, poor posture and physical work  can cause pain that may worsen with time.
To dissolve and alleviate these problems, the ideal is to undergo a relaxing massage that reduces the blocks , dissolving pain in the muscles and joints. During the session, your back is subjected to manipulation, we also use hot bags made from medicinal herbs , which stimulate the nerve centres. Your well-being is immediate, and long-lasting.


(Duration: 60 minutes)

One body treatment that is regaining popularity worldwide is cupping, a very old technique : This is a deep massage with glass cups. It is ideal for shaping and toning the body , but also to reduce pain and act on any problems of unsightly cellulite .
Cups stimulate circulation, allowing for increased skin drainage, with visible results immediately : skin smooth, soft and velvety . If applied on the back, the cups hold a deep relaxant action.


(Duration: 60 minutes)

Founded as a therapy for weak blood capillaries, the variable radiofrequency treatment is  one of the most popular anti-cellulite body treatments and innovative slimming programs today . The technique takes advantage of the effects of electromagnetic waves , which are projected on the skin reaching a deeper level. After the session, the dermis, the thick layer of skin under the thin outer layer is stimulated to ‘ self-repair and the results are visible immediately.
Skin appearance looks improved, thanks to the stimulation of the microcirculation and the production of collagen, resulting in the reduction of stretch marks in their inflammatory phase. This treatment also includes a body drainage of 20 minutes.


(Duration: 70 minutes)

According to Oriental medicine, the human body is crossed by energy channels, known as SEN. When a person is healthy, the energy circulates well in the body, but when there is an imbalance, this energy does not flow and will form blocks , which result in, for example,  joint pain .
The Thai massage acts on the disorder, going to unlock the SEN, by means of a massage and passive stretching . During the session, we do not use oils and and focus massage deep on the energy channels and stretching the muscles properly. The feeling is that of a deep relaxation , with a draining effect and the reactivation of the lymphatic circulation.


(Duration: 60 minutes)

The radiofrequency quadrupole probe is one of the most advanced body treatments in the beauty industry today and using its forefront technology, this treatment, can pinpoint exactly a problem or focus on a wide area, depending on customer needs. The treatment is deep and works through electromagnetic waves, which act on the layers of the skin and stimulates the production of collagen which enable the skin to autorepair.
The skin looks immediately more compact and firm. The appearance of stretch marks and cellulite is improved. Among the areas to be treated, are not only the abdomen and buttocks, but also arms. The treatment includes an invigorating 20 minute body massage .